a happy learner

My name is Christin.

I’m a public school SLP turned teletherapist who knows how stressful education can be. And who wants to help you find more happiness.

I’m also an avid reader who believes strongly in the ability of words and stories to change the world. In fact, that’s how I came to become an SLP in the first placeā€”I wanted to find a way to help children learn to read.

I started my TpT store nearly a decade ago while I was working in a middle school. I originally developed resources just for SLPs, but over time, it’s grown to provide resources for all sorts of educators of language, literacy, and literature.

I love designing simple and effective products for you.

I’ve also taken my love of language in a new direction and am pursuing an additional career in editorial work. If you’re a teacher-business owner or an author of children’s literature or young adult fiction, watch this space!

In addition to this blog, I write two newsletters. One is for educators, the other is for readers and writers.

With my graphic designer hubs, I’ve just launched a print shop. Cards. Posters. Decorations. Bookmarks. More.

A Happy Learner is a place for the teachers and learners in all of us.

And it’s for simplicity and happiness.

Simple teaching products.

Simple classroom decorations.

Simple living ideas.

Simple editorial services.

Let’s make life happier.